Louk Weyers
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resin paper mixed media

Artist statement

This is my work, these are my colours. I create what I love, this is how I view the world. I hope you like it….

What once started with a papier-maché gift wrap, has evolved into many colourful, sustainable artworks. I love to experiment, but the result should always be a sound artwork that makes someone else happy too.

Ideas bubble up in chaos, I jot down what I think. Inventing a new artwork -possibly with a twist- is half of the fun of realising it. A sketch takes shape in my head or in my book. I may start with an empty water bottle, a piece of wire, some hand me down, or a piece of polyurethane foam. Inspiration from anywhere around me is translated into colour patterns for future use. I love experiments and technical challenges, how-to may be my middle name. I do all frame making, drilling, spraying, sawing, sanding, screwing, mould making, casting, painting, varnishing and weather proofing myself, to get an intricate, good quality artwork that will keep over the years.

In exploring various other art forms in the past I was confronted with many restrictions. Papier-maché and resin don‘t limit me any longer, I found it freed me to happily explore new opportunities. ‘If you do what you like more than 10,000 hours you‘ll be an expert in anything’, they say. I know it‘s true. I love teaching adult groups as I want to pass on knowledge, and in a sense it helps me to become a better artist. In my experience group dynamics help my students to deliver better artworks too.

My future will hopefully be that of a hardworking but very happy colourful artist with one super supporter who enables me to do what I do. This future might include a growing number of fans and followers too….

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