Louk Weyers
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resin paper mixed media

Artist biography

Her three-dimensional art is that of a fantasy, in a mostly abstract approach. It’s always colourful and subjects are close to her heart. From childhood onwards she was involved in creative processes like drawing, calligraphy, airbrushing, designing, clay modeling, sculpting, stone carving and bronze casting, at some time in her life being guided by professional artists. Her work evolved over the years, loving to experiment with materials and techniques, learning a lot. In working with paper, paints and resin she’s self-taught.

After completing a professional career in IT, she moved to the south of The Netherlands, arranged for a studio and started a new life as an artist, allowing herself time to explore art in depth. In 2002 she started art school classes, and made her first works in clay, stone, wax and bronze. When she needed a large gift wrapping for a present for a dear friend ten years ago, she made a papier-maché bust of a frog, and was instantly hooked.

Her favorite ‘medium’ is colour. Artist Niki de St Phalle and bright colours have always inspired her. Wet-in-wet gradual colour changes are Louk’s specialty. In re-using paper as she does, she makes sustainable, joyful art accessible to many.

So far, using paper and pulp, her artworks were limited to indoor use, until Louk discovered a non-toxic resin for outdoor use. Louk’s recent garden works are uv-resistant and sealed for outdoor conditions.

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