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resin paper mixed media

Mixed media

French sneakers size 36
Dim 2H" x 4"W x 10"D

Mouse House (porcelain, china, acylics, varnish). On exhibit in our Nat'l Mouse Museum
Dim 3H" x 2"W x 2"D

Coffee Junk under glass bell, porcelain, wood, glass, gold leaf, clay
Dim 7H" x 5"W x 5"D

Bird 10, Bird Art Project (mixed media)
Dim 5H" x 6"W x 6"D

Bird 9, Bird Art Project (mixed media)
Dim 17H" x 21"W x 8"D

Glass Vase Nasturtium, one of one
Dim 17H" x 6"W x 6"D

Glass Vase Irisses, one of one (3 sides)
Dim 15H"

Glass Vase Poppies
Diameter 12″, one of one

Glass Bowl 1
Diameter 8.5″, piece unique

Water Jar, Eyes (one of one)
Dim 8H"

Louk´s show sneakers

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