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My New Hat is a high heeled lady. Mixed media. Poem by G. Bannier.
Dim 72H" x 24"W x 16"D

The Kiss, inspired by Brancusi.
Dim 41H" x 12"W x 24"L

Give Paw? With her dog.
Dim 13H"

Not right now, please.
Dim 31"W

Paul ’s Pulp Portait.
Dim 16H"

Group of 9 swimmers. Unique heads, hands and fingers
Dimensions vary, scale almost 1:1.

Jumping with joy, on a wooden base
Dim 20H"

Dim 11H"

Whacked, on her way to China.
Dim 14H"

Shopping: ladies pastime.
Dim 10"W

No Way. Not Now Anyway…
Dim 23"L

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